About Us – The Freedom Riders

Freedom Networx is a digital media company that focuses on promoting and celebrating freedom. Our principles are rooted in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. We believe the United States is the beacon of freedom for its citizens and the world. May liberty’s bell forever ring in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Below is a gallery of our team – Steve Nichols, Larry Godwin, and John Roland.

Steve Nichols is the original freedom rider. Steve spent several years honing his skills of debate and reason while on the airwaves of South Georgia. Since leaving the talk radio business, he launched a popular show called Freedom with Steve Nichols that airs Monday – Friday morning from 6am-9am.

Larry Godwin is an independent thinker that loves freedom. He was born in a foreign country and made his home in South Georgia. Larry is responsible for the technical infrastructure of the company, including the radio show and our primary website, FreedomNetworx.com.

John Roland (also known as Sarge) is a retired U.S. Marine and is the owner of Rockin Rolands and Jumpin J’s Inflatables. Sarge resides in the Adel area with his wife Shae and four children Reagan, Gunner, John Thomas, and Caroline. John heads up our sales and marketing efforts. To learn more about advertising opportunities, please contact Sarge at freedomwithstevenichols@gmail.com.