It’s The Gun Stupid

I have conceded to the concept that guns kill people. I have, really. It makes sense to me now and you
can say that I have been enlightened. My political views are developing, and I have become smarter.
I know that’s a big move for me and since its in the news lately I think we need to understand how bad
these guns kill specifically concerning these mass shootings.

Now that I have concluded that guns kill people lets see how bad this situation is by the numbers.
Reportedly there are over 393,000,000 guns in America. In 2021 there were 390 mass shootings
resulting in 703 people losing their lives. For this calculation, a mass shooting is defined as 4 or more
people at roughly the same place at the same relative time. But wow, right! More than one a day
because of guns killing people. Who knew?

Now if we take 703 mass shootings and divide by the number of guns there is a 0.00017888% chance of
getting killed by a gun in a mass shooting. That number decreases significantly if we say only those
shootings in which an assault rifle is used since most mass shootings are attempted by a pistol. (By the
way, I am using the term assault rifle very loosely)

So a 0.00017888% chance. Consider you have a 0.00653% chance of being struck by lightning, a bee
sting will kill you 0.00172% of the time, and a dog attack has a 0.0014489% chance of killing you. All
these causes of deaths are way higher than being killed by a gun in a mass shooting. Following the
numbers, Congress would serve us better by spending its time, money and resources to remove all the
bees and dogs in America or simply make it illegal to go outside if its raining. I mean if it just saved one
life we would all be happy to remove dogs, bees, and sacrifice our freedoms. Right?

I say we all concede that guns kill people, then do the math and realize they really suck at killing people.
Bees are significantly better at killing people than guns.

I know its silly but its stupid to think that an inanimate object has the ability or desire to kill people and if
you are dumb enough to believe that, then my calculations above should not bother you whatsoever
and I solved the gun crises for you. Now you can sleep better. I’m simply taking the Democrat mindset
and wrapping logic and facts around it. Every time you do that to liberal ideology you end up making
the liberal ideas seem so, well, stupid. Now the Democrat has to admit “well, its not really the gun, its
the person with the gun” and there you go. It’s the nut job with the gun and all the laws in the world will
not keep a criminal from committing a crime. If that were the case then the laws against killing people
would be enough to keep people from killing people. Certainly a criminal wouldn’t violate the law.
Freedom folks, intellectual honesty is so difficult for intellectuals.

Let freedom ring.

So there you go, I concede guns kill people and based on the numbers guns have very little chance of
killing people yet Liberals argue guns kill people but based on these number guns are highly inefficient at
killing people. 0.00009924% chance? Seriously?

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