My body my choice

Well here we are.  Just as I predicted.

When Covid was hot and heavy and all the pro abortion democrats were mandating the vaccine I was saying yall need to be careful because I 100% believe in my body my choice concerning vaccines and you are stomping on your #1 political tagline here.  When it’s really just your body you should totally get to decide if you get the vaccine or not.  It literally affects nobody else.  I mean if the vaccine works then the unvaccinated have zero chance of spreading it to the vaccinated so this decision only affects the decider.

Completely unlike abortion.  Abortion affects two bodies, two heartbeats, and two souls. If we can simply be honest about it, pro abortion people are ok stopping another person’s heartbeat when that person is an inconvenience.  Yall need to quit acting like its not a life and just admit you are ok killing an innocent person.  As we know death is defined as the heartbeat stopping.  The doctor doesn’t say, “well he can’t take care of himself so he must be dead” or “he can’t live without somebody helping him so he must be dead”. Death is called when there is no heartbeat so for once Libs, be intellectually honest.  If death is a stopped heartbeat, then life is the beginning of a heartbeat. Therefore, an intellectually honest person knows that abortion takes a life and pro abortion people are ok stopping an innocent life.  I have heard the arguments a life in poverty is better off dead.  Better off dead? Who are you to decide that?  Having been a life in poverty and now wealthy I can attest we don’t think that.  Poverty is some of my best memories! No cable TV, no entertainment, no vacations to worry about; you had plenty of family time!

So next time you try to say my body my choice be consistent.  Do not mandate my health care and only apply your silly slogan when it only affects one body and not somebody else’s.

Let freedom ring.