Stand At Ease

That’s right; it’s Sarge, you freedom-loving maniacs! Most of you probably thought I disappeared because the bear appeared in the Crypto Market. Well, that’s not so! I didn’t take a trip to Tahiti either; I haven’t run to my mother’s basement to hide, fearing criticism from the bear market. I indeed haven’t stopped investing🤷‍♂️. As most of you may know, you could find me most Wednesdays camped out next to Steve while chopping it up about the crypto market. Shortly after that, I slowly slipped out of pocket as I began to do other things. The crypto market has taken a downturn, and some say it was for the worse.

For me, a long-term investor, I’m pretty happy to see it come. Investing long-term is to buy low that way; years from now, when the market is way up, I can sell high and reap the rewards. I’ve been dollar cost averaging in for years. There is no doubt in my mind that Cryptocurrency is the future. Yes, we may still be using the dollar, but it would be backed by something digital. Some would suggest that it already is. If everyone ran to the bank today to take out their money, they would lock the door and not let anyone in. They have loaned all of your money to draw significant portions of interest from the public. I have never been a friend of banks. I feel they loan your money out to get paid back in considerable interest so that the employees working there can make large salaries. No, I’m not talking about your tellers and some of the other low-level employees. I’m talking about the Boards, president, vice president, and so forth. All I can tell you is that now is the time to continue accumulating. I’m not offering financial advice by any means. However, this is what I’m doing, I have been doing, and will continue to do until I decide that the day has come for me to do it no more. So there you go! Sarge has come back to offer suggestions. I’ll be back next week, and who knows, we may talk about something completely different. It all depends on how I feel. 


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