Steve Nichols Addresses Fuel Controversy and Speaks Directly to Lowndes County Board of Education

From the moment the story broke in the local newspaper, The Valdosta Daily Times, there has been hand wringing all over Lowndes County. And what followed next was very predictable – a social media onslaught of the local school system’s leadership. The hot topic of the day was the new school superintendent, the questioned use of county fuel, and the school system’s reaction to an angry public. That anger reached a fevered pitch when callers took to the airwaves and the Internet to voice their opinion.

Over the last several days, local talk show host, Steve Nichols has been fielding calls, texts, and emails from concerned citizens in Lowndes County over the recent fuel controversy involving the Superintendent of Lowndes County Schools, Dr. Shawn Haralson. Over that same time period, many listeners have been calling into the Freedom with Steve Nichols show. In addition, the popular morning show’s viewers have been burning up the channel’s chatting system. To say all the input Nichols has been getting is disgust…is frankly an understatement. But that’s really an over simplification of the matter. The public’s reaction appears to be a combination of anger, confusion, resentment, and frustration over the issue and how their county leaders have handled the situation.

On a recent episode of Freedom with Steve Nichols, the host turned to the camera and spoke directly to the Lowndes County Schools Board of Education. A link to the video segment is provided below. Freedom with Steve Nichols is produced by his network and social media platform, The show airs every Monday – Friday from 6-8am. To view the show’s livestream or archived episodes, go to