The World Is Upside Down

Stand At EASE!

Its Sarge, and good day to all you freedom-loving weirdos!  A question that I’ve been asking myself and most of you maybe for the last ten years is, what on God’s green earth has our country come too?  Just like our Holy Bible prescribes, everything that’s bad has now become good, and everything that was good has now become bad!  God forbid you teach your kids some manners like thank you, you’re welcome, yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir.  Lord, adults, are running around telling kids not to call them either of them all.  I know down here in God’s country, it’s still common, but you should take a trip across the state lines to some of these other places.  What a freaking mess our country is in.  We did this to ourselves in some cases!  With every kid getting a trophy, no child left behind!  I mean, it’s just the end of the world if a kid has to stay back in a grade because they didn’t make the grade.  We must put them up in the next class because we don’t want to hurt their feelings.  We turned the adults today into a bunch of flat-out wussy‘s and a whole bunch of other names that I could probably think of that wouldn’t be appropriate to use.

With all that, we got men swimming in women’s pools and women who don’t even complain about it.  It doesn’t matter that some man wants to dress up as a girl, get in the boxing ring and knock some girl out or dress up in a swimsuit and claim to be a national champion.  Where is the outrage?  We don’t even stand up and say anything. We sit back in the comfort of our homes and complain.  This is one of the main reasons why I retired from the service.  As a recruiter, when I was told that I would have to process paperwork for a girl who thinks she’s a boy, I couldn’t do it anymore.  We would’ve called that insanity 25 years ago, but today we make room for the crazies and folks that try to act normal get looked at as some racist parasite!  Nobody is discriminating against anybody.  We don’t want a bunch of confused give me a trophy for nothing types running this country or trying to protect it! Lord knows we would have a better chance of making it with my two-year-old leading the charge.  We got a president so old he can’t walk up a set of stairs, ride a bicycle, or read from a prompter without reading the word prompter. 

We are in a God-awful mess, and if we don’t change the course of this country, we’ll be going to hell in a handbag in short order! 

That’s my thoughts for the week, warriors; not sure what we will discuss next week, but you know, it’ll be whatever I feel like!