Voter’s Remorse

If you voted for Joe Biden you can only find yourself in one of two positions at this point. You are either disappointed or you are completely ignorant. Maybe a little of both. If you are disappointed I am going to attempt to explain exactly why you are disappointed and if you are not disappointed I am going to explain to you why are completely ignorant and should be disappointed.

You voted for student loan forgiveness but you got an increase in your tax bill.

You voted for a fix to global warming, oh wait they call it climate change now because the evidence proved the globe wasn’t warming. So you voted because you were worried about climate change but you got a 2 times increase in gas prices and a carbon reducing pipeline cancelled.

You voted for world peace and you got a war in Ukraine, North Korea launching missles again, China about to invade Taiwan, and the Taliban buying young girls to use as sex slaves…again.

You voted for women’s rights and you got men destroying women’s sports.

You voted for black people to be treated better and you got historically black colleges funding to be cut significantly. Like billions.

You voted for a better economy but you got record inflation and high interest rates.

You voted because Trump offended you and what you got was drug cartels raping women and girls as they guide them across the southern border bringing large supplies of drugs.

You voted because you were told Trump was a tyrant and what you got was Biden using the DOJ and FBI to squash political opposition.

You voted to defund the police and you got a federal police force funded through the IRS. Don’t think that they want to defund police. They just want to defund the local police they don’t control and substitute it for Federal police they can control.

There are many reasons why Biden is a complete failure but what we all must learn isn’t how much a failure Biden is. They key to all this is to understand that Democrats simply cant lead. They can complain, they can campaign, but they simply are horrible leaders. Look at every city or state run by Democrats.

It’s okay folks. It’s time to realize the differences. If you are still a voter you need to vote better. You still have time to make such a bad decision and you better do it while you are alive because once dead you will probably be voting Democrat again.